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PULSE-POUNDING! Inspirational live RADIO interviews.

Listen NOW and download these 7 informative, energizing and uplifting RADIO interviews, featuring Craig Metrowich [ Business Coach & Inspirational Speaker ] as heard on Smile 90.4FM discussing these fascinating topics: 

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RADIO Interview (1)       Your Personal Brand” and how to shine your BEST on Social Media.

RADIO Interview (2)       “The impact of Social Media on Relationships.”

RADIO Interview (3)       “The POWER of INSPIRATION & GRATITUDE.”

RADIO Interview (4)       “TRUE SURVIVOR” – Thriving through the tough times.

RADIO Interview (5)       “Enjoy the natural highs of life. ADDICTED to LIFE!”

RADIO Interview (6)       “LOVE WORK! HATE WORK? Let’s REMOVE conflict at WORK.”

RADIO Interview (7)       “The SCIENCE of HAPPINESS and how to BOOST your FUN Factor.”

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SUPERHUMAN potential.

Smile 90.4FM featured Craig Metrowich and Ronnie Muhl – Mount EVEREST Summiteer

” How family, friends and RELATIONSHIPS can influence you to realise your SUPERHUMAN potential. Love is a powerful force.”

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that introduces the EXCLUSIVE methodology created by Craig METROWICH:

C.Q = I.Q x E.Q x S.Q x P.Q x Z.Q = R.Q

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