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Contact Craig METROWICH on +27 (0) 79 548 8506 or email: to discuss and define your exact event requirements. Craig has over 30 years Business experience and is an accredited Professional Speaker, having hosted many EVENTS in the roles of: M.C, Keynote Speaker and Inspirational Speaker.  Craig will customize content to match your specific needs so as to WOW! your attendees.


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Announcement: “Video Celebrity News” [ ] presented by: Craig Metrowich. This internet TV channel (style: VLOGGER YouTuber) will be ultra-unique in that; Craig Metrowich will interview and let the world “meet the CELEBRITY next door.” This REALITY style show will be RAW as we share the SECRETS of: Celebrities, Sports Stars, Entrepreneurs, Single-Moms, DJ’s, CEO’s, Sales Superstars, Staff from every career type in an uncut and unedited interview format, that will be 100% authentic, with no fancy editing, no scripting, so you can watch the TRUE story unfold. REAL & PERSONAL & MEANINGFUL is the atmosphere along with UPLIFTING & INSPIRING. Everyone does AMAZING things in their lifetime and EVERYONE is a CELEBRITY at some point and we want to “meet EXTRAORDINARY people” and hear their TRUE story. The goal is to build a “subscribe” base of more than 10 Million globally with content consisting of: Celebrity videos, daily inspiration, meaningful news, uplifting interviews and meeting REAL people from every sphere of life, who contribute to making our world a better place. Should you want to get involved at this founding stage then please contact me at: or call me on +27 (0) 79 548 8506. Yes, sponsors and advertisers will be encouraged, as this will enable us to shoot “Video Celebrity News” at global locations.