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Craig Metrowich: Business PERFORMANCE Coach, Sales Coach & Customer Care Coach, Digital Marketing Strategist, AI Optimization Consultant, Accredited Professional Public Speaker, Former: Dealer Principal | Founder & CEO: U R POWERFUL Coaching (2004 to 2024)

2024 Virtual Coaching via Online VIDEO sessions:

What is Virtual Coaching?

In-person coaching conversation that is conducted over a web-based video / live service (also known as video chat). We use ZOOM, TEAMS, SKYPE and WhatsApp VIDEO to interact with one or more people, who will enjoy an inspirational and interactive development experience that is facilitated by Craig Metrowich, who is a highly experienced business coach, and is endorsed by many clients.
YOU will LOVE this! YEH!!!! Now available! YOU and your TEAM will LOVE our VIRTUAL Coaching programmes that are INSPIRATIONAL, INFORMATIVE, MOTIVATIONAL & BOOST overall RESULTS.
We will customise the Virtual Coaching (V.C) sessions to meet your exact requirements and may include the following:
Module V.C 1) Leadership Coaching [ 4 Virtual Coaching sessions ]
Module V.C 2) Team Strengthening [ 4 Virtual Coaching sessions ]
Module V.C 3) Boost Team Morale [ 4 Virtual Coaching sessions ]
Module V.C 4) Sales Coaching & Customer Care Coaching [ 4 Virtual Coaching sessions ]
Module V.C 5) Masters in Sales & Customer Care [ 6 Virtual Coaching sessions ]
Module V.C 6) Masters in SOCIAL MEDIA & DIGITAL MARKETING [ 8 Virtual Coaching sessions ]

VIRTUAL Coaching [ ] benefits for YOU are:
1) Unique = Every Coaching session is customized to your exact requirements.

2) Excellent Value = Affordable thus enabling regular interactions.

3) Potential Unleashed = Accountability and Motivation keeps YOU focused.

4) Stress Management = Flexibility and Freedom reduces YOUR stress.

5) Support = Time and Schedule that is ideal for YOU i.e. adapts to your lifestyle.

6) Mindfulness = YOUR new “Crystal Clear Purpose” will be defined EXCLUSIVELY for YOU.

7) BOOSTS MORALE = YOU never feel Isolated. TOGETHER, we will ACHIEVE more. }}}}}}}

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