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“Solving BUSINESS Puzzles”
C.Q = I.Q x E.Q x S.Q x P.Q x Z.Q = R.Q

Presented by: Craig METROWICH
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“Solving BUSINESS Puzzles” – Craig METROWICH created the U R POWERFUL – Business PERFORMANCE Coaching METHODOLOGY which is endorsed by many top CORPORATES. This business improvement methodology focuses on: Increasing SALES, Levelling Up CUSTOMER DELIGHT, energizing & boosting TEAMS via Motivating, Inspiring, Coaching & Mentoring staff, on a regular planned basis: “RESULTS are achieved via the consistent effective ACTIONS by the entire TEAM. A crystal clear PURPOSE and EXTRA effort by ALL, will deliver the winning RESULTS. Yes, TOGETHER, we will ACHIEVE more.”

Craig Metrowich: Business PERFORMANCE Coach, Sales Coach & Customer Care Coach, Digital Marketing Strategist, AI Optimization Consultant, Accredited Professional Public Speaker, Former: Dealer Principal | Founder & CEO: U R POWERFUL Coaching (2004 to 2024)
  • Want to INCREASE your SALES?
  • Want to create a positive VIBE at work?
  • Want to level-UP your Customer Satisfaction?
  • Want to know the latest Business Innovations & AI trends that will impact YOU & your TEAM?

Book now a “MOTIVATIONAL session to BOOST your entire TEAM. Inspirational, Informative, Interactive and Empowering. You & your Team will LOVE this! ” Presented by: Craig Metrowich.


Testimonials & Endorsements:

“Motivating and helpful in achieving our goals.” (BMW)

“Explosive, factual, practical, real and bold.” (Metropolitan)

“Excellent and Relevant.” (Dr Grant Freedman)

“Brilliant Delivery.” (VW SA)


“Keeping more than hope alive.” I was honoured to be the M.C for the CHOC event and we thank everyone that supported this worthy cause. We heard from Cancer survivors, top singers gave their best to entertain the huge turnout, people donated time, funds were raised and all agreed that TOGETHER so much more is possible. – Craig Metrowich​

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