Craig METROWICH has vast experience in IT, Teleco’s and various Technology sectors. Craig METROWICH is the founder of “AiXgood” a business initiative to bring “Ai_For_Good” to the market via offering businesses “Artificial Intelligence Optimization” consulting services.

NB! Every client must clearly understand PRIOR to any ACTIONS; the benefits as well as the real risks of implementing and deploying AI (Artificial Intelligence) as once released; it is almost impossible to contain.

Fact: Every client will be directly INFLUENCED by the UNSTOPPABLE global expansion of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and “AiXgood” will positively guide our clients towards sustainable growth with specific attention to: SALES, CUSTOMER LOYALTY & STAFF EMPOWERMENT.

Want to know more about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and how to benefit from the “AiXgood Methodology”… Yes, then contact Craig METROWICH on: +27610827882 | email:

To understand the IMPORTANCE of AI (Artificial Intelligence) view these videos below, to get an insight into the risks, as well as the many, many UNLIMITED opportunities that will be derived via the SMART use of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has ENORMOUS potential for Digital Content Creators, view this OPEN AI SORA review:

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has a global impact and AI for GOOD shares some of the innovations:

Want to know what ChatGPT reaction is to important AI (Artificial Intelligence) questions? Fascinating are the ChatGPT responses:

Fyi: Craig METROWICH owns domains AiXgood_com and co_za and AiXgood is a subsidiary within the U R POWERFUL Coaching group.

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