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“TOGETHER, we will ACHIEVE more.” – Craig METROWICH.


IRREVERSIBLE is your TIME… so be SMART in allocating your TIME to people that will make a POSITIVE impact on your LIFE.

EVERLASTING will your IMPACT be… when you spend your TIME on earth, making many feel LOVED.

PRECIOUS is your TIME… so contribute your TIME, FOCUS & ENERGY to meaningful causes.

IMPACTFUL is your TIME… when you GIVE your TIME to worthy projects that make a SIGNIFICANT impact long after you are gone.

Make sure to STOP anyone or anything from STEALING your TIME… after-all once gone… you will NEVER get your TIME back.” – Craig METROWICH. }}}}}}} #CraigMETROWICH | #URPowerfulCoaching


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Craig Metrowich is a competitive Extreme Sportsman and applies this “Go BIG!” action orientated approach in the application of the “U R POWERFUL” Coaching methodology.

Finally WEALTHY!

“OOHHHH YEH! Finally WEALTHY! You have found true WEALTH and will finally feel abundantly WEALTHY when, no matter what the circumstances are in your LIFE, you will truly believe in YOU, and your ability to be RESOURCEFUL and to quickly ADAPT to the variable challenges LIFE throws your way.
You will always feel POOR within YOU, when you believe that you are NOT IN CONTROL of your situation.
BLAMING is evidence of an UNHEALTHY mind-set.
Feeling “Finally WEALTHY!” requires you to take full OWNERSHIP of your LIFE.
Protect your mind from the constant bombardment of NEGATIVITY flashed across your screen; maintain your “INDEPENDENT THINKING” as this will allow you to BE HAPPY within YOU.
Your JOY will POSITIVELY impact many.” – Craig Metrowich


“Your WRONG PERCEPTION can INDUCE the WRONG reactions in responding to a crisis.

An OVER-REACTION induced by FEAR-MONGERING, can cause you to make IRRATIONAL, ILLOGICAL, STUPID and even DANGEROUS decisions.

UNDER huge stress, you react via instant REFLEX and not via logical THINKING.

A CALM and calculated VIEW will place you in the RIGHT REACTION mode.

PAUSE, THINK and THINK again and again… and ask yourself: “what is the REALITY versus the PERCEPTION/S of my current situation?”

Your CLEAR THINKING will bring out the BEST outcomes.

A WRONG PERCEPTION creates within YOU, amplified and exaggerated amounts of STRESS!

To ENJOY LIFE in challenging times, we need to filter out, all the FALSE PERCEPTIONS and truly SEARCH for the TRUTH.

A mind filled with PEACE and a heart filled with LOVE and JOY, directly boosts your IMMUNITY to life’s hard-knocks i.e. you are mentally, physically and emotionally STRONGER.” – Craig Metrowich

FREEEEEEEEEDOM pretty please… on FREEDOM DAY. (27 April 2020 – South Africa.) Presented LIVE at: [ ] by: Craig Metrowich

“You will love LOOKING BACK on your LIFE should you have led a MEANINGFUL and purposeful LIFE. You will REGRET looking back on your LIFE should you have WASTED your hours, weeks, months and YEARS.”

“You will love LOOKING BACK on your LIFE should you have led a MEANINGFUL and purposeful LIFE. A great PAST can be measured by the EVERLASTING positive IMPACT felt within others. By example: My father died many decades ago… yet, DAILY within my HEART and MIND, I feel his emotional presence… and even decisions made NOW, are done by asking myself… what ADVICE would he give if he was alive?

You will REGRET looking back on your LIFE should you have WASTED your hours, weeks, months and YEARS.

NEVER be angry at those who put you down, hated you, tried to break you, wanted to destroy you… often our TRUE strengths are UNLEASHED because of these OBSTACLES, as you negotiate around these “landmines” of LIFE.

CRISES survived, offers you WISDOM and STRENGTH and a better appreciation of the GOOD times.

A past NEAR-DEATH experience, can be a tipping point to CHANGING your entire LIFE.

You know you are on the RIGHT PATH, when you are NOT frustrated with your PAST; you ACCEPT and appreciate all the WRONGS, rights, lows & HIGHS.

GREAT friendships make the history of your life COLOURFUL and these friends are more valuable than GOLD.

LOOK BACK upon your LIFE to reflect, LEARN and to become a BETTER person.
Learn from the PAST, live in the PRESENT and be OPTIMISTIC about the FUTURE.
P.S – Remember to THANK ALL; who supported you, to get to NOW.” – Craig Metrowich

“Once you find a truly HONEST, EMPOWERING & caring GOOD person, make sure to NEVER let them out of your LIFE. They will be more valuable in contributing to the overall SUCCESS of your LIFE, than any material TREASURE on earth.

“GOOD thinking” people are ULTRA-RARE to find; OPTIMISTIC people are 1%. PESSIMISTIC people are 99%.

Look at Social Media and see what is being shared by your circle of influence and you’ll quickly notice which friends, family, fans, followers, fakers and foes are always in a BAD mental space, as all their negative comments, egotistical images, hundreds of selfie-videos reveal their INNER-insecurities, fears and default negative mindset i.e. they are so desperate for attention, that they absolutely DON’T care about YOU and they only feed their EGO via obsessing over their self-centric BUBBLE.

An Authentic GOOD person focuses on OTHERS and tries consistently to BOOST the emotional WELL-BEING of YOU and their crystal clear intent is to make OUR world a better place for ALL. Be that GOOD person.” – Craig Metrowich [ ]

“A mind filled with FAITH, HOPE and OPTIMISM is the most powerful ANTIDOTE to FEAR.” – Craig Metrowich [ ]

“YOU feel absolutely CALM inside, when FILLED with authentic FAITH, combined with a laser-sharp FOCUS on living each day PURPOSEFULLY. You know within YOU, that each second is a blessing. You feel ALIVE. You feel OPTIMISTIC. This authentic FAITH, HOPE and OPTIMISM is the most powerful ANTIDOTE to FEAR.” – Craig Metrowich [ ]


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“CREATE a little bit of HEAVEN on earth:

Tell me that you LOVE me… when I’m here… not once I’m gone.

Tell me that you need me… more than anyone.

Tell me that your heart jumps with joy when I call… and that I’m your number one.

Tell me that you forgive me… when I disappoint you, cause you know I’m also just human.

Show me that you care… not when life is easy, but also when I’m frail, old and challenging to even look at.

Show GOD your best efforts by living each new day to your fullest… never be ungrateful for each new breath you’re blessed with.

Show the world, you were also here… by the many hearts you fill each day with love and joy.

Yes, know that… I will never be far away from you… cause close your eyes now… and feel my kiss upon you… you see… my spirit is forever with you.” – Craig METROWICH (In recognition of those we LOVE. Published – Aug 2021.)